2019 Cruise Dates

Camaro Club

Southern Illinois

 Upcoming Events

Daytona 500 Watch Party
February 17th we will have a Daytona 500 watch party at Julie and Craig Harris house. It was decided the club would pay for the BBQ please bring your drink and if you want a dessert to share please RSVP on facebook for a head count . 1pm start.

Club Go Karting
March 24th Since we can’t race our Camaros or probably shouldn’t we are going to Pole Position in Crestwood MO. Sunday the 24th meet at 1pm. https://www.kartingstl.com

Lunch Cruise
We have planned a car cruise and lunch at Lamberts in Sikeston MO. We will meet in South County at Home Depot at 11am and drive back roads to Sikeston for lunch.

MDA Show
Members attending the December meeting unanimously voted to continue with the MDA show. Justin Wilkinson is taking charge of the show once again. The date Will be June 8th, 2019

2019 Events
We are looking for additional ideas to help promote more member engagement with the club. Ideas can be sent to Trevor Spence or Matt Scobbie via Facebook or email.